The Speaker

Landtagspräsidentin Hanna Naber

Speaker of the State Parliament: Hanna Naber

On 8th November 2022 the Parliament of Lower Saxony came together for its constituent session, marking the beginning of the 19th legislative period. During the session, the members of parliament elected a new Speaker.

Hanna Naber, who hails from Oldenburg, has been chosen for this role and will be Speaker of the State Parliament (also known as President of the State Parliament) for the following five years. She is no stranger to the parliamentary work as she was a member of parliament for the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) as well as one of the secretaries in the presidium in the previous legislative period from 2017 onwards.

Learn more about Hanna Naber's background, find her contact details and further information: Hanna Naber, member of parliament and Speaker (german web page) 

Landtagspräsidentin Hanna Naber
Landtagspräsidentin Hanna Naber (© Niedersächsischer Landtag)